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Neighbourhood Plan
West Lavington Parish Council image Photograph courtesy Kaye Elston

The Neighbourhood Plan comprises the following stages:

Our Place - Our Plan

A Plan for West Lavington and Littleton Panell

The Vision for 'Our Place' was developed at the very beginning of the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan to underpin everything that has since gone into making 'Our Plan'. It is the ‘why, who, what and how’ in one sentence:
Vision Statement

To provide a planning framework and policies that will stimulate appropriate development for the community, especially for both young families and older residents, and to enhance the local economy, community facilities and services whilst also conserving the village and countryside environment.
Plan Purpose

The purpose of the Plan is to stimulate, and yet direct, sustainable housing development over the Plan period to 2026.
Neighbourhood Planning

Planning legislation allows local communities to engage in the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, which when finalised becomes part of the statutory Development Plan for the area. Meaning that planning applications are then determined against the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan alongside the other parts of the Development Plan produced by Wiltshire Council.

Where a parish council exists, it becomes the lead body for Neighbourhood Planning in its community and undertakes to involve and engage with as wide a cross-section of its residents and businesses as possible in formulating a Plan.

You can find out more about Neighbourhood Planning from Wiltshire Council’s Portal here.

A significant part of the parish is within a Conservation Area, for planning purposes. A Conservation Area Statement has been prepared that sets out how planning policy will be exercised in the area concerned. You can see this Statement in the Download Library (Governance).


The purpose of this Statement is to identify and record those special qualities of West Lavington and Littleton Panell that make up their architectural and historic character. This is important in providing a sound basis for the Local Plan policies and development decisions, as well as for the formulation of proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the character or appearance of the area. The Conservation Area was originally designated in 1975 with minor boundary changes brought into effect during 1989.

The Devizes Area map available in the Download Library (Governance) shows the environmentally designated areas across the Devizes Community Area, prepared by Natural England. The map illustrates the rights of way and shows that within the parish are Sites of Special Scientific Interest, County Wildlife Sites, and sites of ancient monuments.

The West Lavington Village Design Statement available in the Download Library (Governance) is also relevant. It was adopted by the then Kennet District Council in 2004.
Gaiger Bros proposals for the Off Lavington Lane Development

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