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For events in and around Devizes (our nearest town) click here. West Lavington Parish Council is a Wiltshire local authority, serving the communities of West Lavington and Littleton Panell.
Remembering VE Day

Moments in History

I had hoped that the village would be able to celebrate the anniversary of VE Day in May, but it looks as if this will not be possible because of the restrictions imposed by coronavirus. I had hoped to record people's memories of the VE Day celebrations with a view to publishing another of my history books. This may still be possible. There will be people in their eighties who will remember the day from their childhood, and people in their nineties may well have more significant memories.

So while we are all having to cut back on our social activities, perhaps you can spend some time recording your memories with this in mind. And maybe you can go through your photographs to see if you have any of that time? It doesn't matter where you were. I am looking for memories of Lavington people from whichever part of the country they were living at the time. Once you have had time to collect your memories, you can either write them down, or phone me and I can record them for you. If you have any photos we can discuss the best way of getting those to me.

The project will only go ahead if I get sufficient response, but it will be an interesting historic document.

Coronavirus Diary

We are all currently living through some strange times. As a person in the at-risk category because of age and health conditions, Chris and I went into social distancing mode on Friday 13th March. I decided to keep a family diary about how the situation is affecting everyday life, not just for us, but for our children too. This will be of interest to the grand children and great grandchildren in years to come. It is after all an historic event.

It has occurred to me that a second diary of the event from a Lavington perspective might also be of interest. If you would be interested in contributing towards such a diary, please let me know. It is easy to say that if we are confined to our homes there isn't much to report, but hopefully we will be talking to people on the phone and sharing experiences, and we will all be having reaction to the changes involved. In addition there will be many people who will have to carry on working, or will be facing the difficulties of reduced incomes. There are stresses on NHS workers and retail staff as a result of the panic buying, and these should be recorded. And then, some of us will actually get the virus and it would be interesting to record how that feels. So if you have anything to contribute on either of these fronts, please contact me. All profits from my local history books go to local charities.

Lyn Dyson 01380 813943
E-mail_- lyndadyson@yahoo.co.uk
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