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Local Recreation
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What's On

On this page we aim to give you lots of information to help you get out and about - and if you are planning to visit us, lots of hints and tips to make your visit memorable!

This page also hosts Community Notices for events and activities. So if you have one coming up, send us a poster or details and we will put it online here.

For details of What's On in Devizes, our nearest larger town, and surrounding areas, click here, You will also find lots of useful information about every aspect of living in and around Devizes.
So where is West Lavington?

For SatNav users that follow postcodes SN10 4BE will place you at the crossroads of the A360 and B3098, in the centre of the parish. If you prefer street names, High Street West Lavington or Lavington Lane West Lavington will provide the same result.

You can find us on OS Maps at grid SU 001 535 GB Grid (the centre of the map below)
or at:       51°16' 29.27" N 1°59' 26.3"W


Rights of Way

A Right of Way is not, strictly speaking, a path but is a right possessed by the public to pass along linear routes over land at all times. Although the land may be owned by a private individual, the public may still gain access across that land along a specific route. Rights of Way have 4 different classifications according to who has the right to use them.

Footpath: a right of way on foot only.

Bridleway: a right of way on foot, horseback and leading a horse, with the right for bicyclists providing they give way to other users. There may or may not be a right to drive stock along the bridleway;

Byway: open to all traffic: rights of way that are used for the purposes that footpaths and bridleways are used, but on which there is a right of way for all traffic, including mechanically propelled vehicles that are road legal;

Restricted Byway: a new category created by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 to replace Roads Used as Public Paths (RUPPs), allowing access for all traffic except mechanically propelled vehicles (typically trail bikes and 4x4s).

Please note: there is no "Access Land" (as defined by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000) over which there would otherwise be a 'right to roam', in this parish. Therefore, please remain on defined rights of way when crossing private land, including farmland, and refer to maps or websites for directions.


You can report a problem with a Right of Way, such as fallen trees, or dangerous conditions to Wiltshire Council on their website - click here for an online service. For informal advice or support you may contact us.

The Parish Council acts as a local custodian of rights of way, particulary footpaths. A Footpaths Working Group will keep the Council briefed on local conditions, and report problems encountered to the Rights of Way Officer at Wiltshire Council. Voluntary effort is sought from time to time to tidy up paths and vegetation, supported by a small budget for materials - keep an eye on the Volunteering page for announcements on the next working party, or contact us.

The owners of land or property adjacent to rights of way, or land over which those rights exist, are asked to maintain hedgerows and other vegetation in such a way as to permit passage along paths and bridleways. The Parish Council does monitor conditions and will contact responsible persons if found necessary, seeking support from Wiltshire Council on those rare occasions where further action is required.
Click here for an interactive map, updated monthly and showing numbered rights of way designations, and here for more information on rights of way generally (including their maintenance).

A Definitive list of all our parish Rights of Way is available in the recreation area of the Download Library.

West Lavington Parish Council Download Library

Please follow the Countryside Code. You can see the 2012 updated Code by clicking on this image.

West Lavington Wilthsire location on map

If you are planning a walk in our beautiful countryside, you might find the suggested route below of interest. A wider range of walking guides throughout Wiltshire is available

Alternatively, you may like to consider exploring Salisbury Plain - see our page dedicated to Salisbury Plain for more information.

For an interactive and entertaining description of a circular route starting and finishing from nearby Tilshead follow this link.

The 'Wiltshire Walk Guide Map' in the Download Library shows the rights of way in this Parish and beyond:

West Lavington Parish Council Download Library West Lavington Parish Council is a Wiltshire local authority, serving the communities of West Lavington and Littleton Panell.

West Lavington Wilthsire location on map

Key: Purple = Footpaths; Green = Bridleways; Brown = Byways (and tracks including the Perimeter Path, subject to MoD bylaws). Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey.

You may also be interested in the work of the Wiltshire & Swindon Countryside Access Forum, an independent body set up to advise on the application of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

For places to visit nearby try Stonehenge, 12 miles away. the English Heritage has an excellent website telling you all about Stonehenge.

West Lavington Wilthsire location on map

Out and About

A Guide for Dog Owners and Dog Walkers:

West Lavington Parish Council Download Library West Lavington Parish Council is a Wiltshire local authority, serving the communities of West Lavington and Littleton Panell.

There are miles of open tracks for exploring - especially up on Salisbury Plain. Jjust follow the perimeter road to get an idea, and stop to look at the views!

If you are keen, why not consider joining a local cycling club - Salisbury Plain Area Mountain biking club (SPAM) meets at The Churchill Arms pub in West Lavington - you can visit their website here. (Pending)


Lavington & District Swimming Club

New Members Welcome

Term starts 8 Sept

Movement 4 You 'Extend' exercise class

Ladies 60's+ Movement to Music

West Lavington Parish Council Download Library

Exercise Classes (in Market Lavington)

Movement to Music / Stretch and tone West Lavington Parish Council is a Wiltshire local authority, serving the communities of West Lavington and Littleton Panell.

We always aim to bring current information to help you plan your journey, whether locally or further afield.

If you need to visit hospital or your doctor and do not have transport, or are unable to use public transport, you may like to call Village Care & Link; a team of local volunteers are available to give you a lift. Call them on 01380 816826.


Click here for Wiltshire travel information, with details of roadworks and delays on transport networks such as trains compiled by the BBC. (Link to be provided)

If you are heading further away, or using trunk routes to reach us, try these traffic cameras from the Highways Agency.(Link to be provided)

If we hear of road works in and around the parish we will publish details on this page.

Defects and Problems

If you would like to report a problem with a highway, use this link to Wiltshire Council's Highways pages and follow their guidance. You will also be able to download their MyWiltshire App which allows you to report and track a wide range of highway and public realm issues from your smartphone.

Adverse Weather

Wiltshire Council have published guidance on using roads in adverse weather, and explain how they keep the roads open in snow and icy conditions. You can read this helpful advice below. The Wiltshire Council road and footways gritting network map is here, including strategic, primary, and secondary routes, and also Highways Agency routes.

Salt/Grit Bins are placed around the parish, and topped up by Wiltshire Council. Please use the salt/grit sparingly - a little goes a long way! See the Wiltshire Council's Adverse Weather Salting Advice leaflets in the Download Library.

West Lavington Parish Council Download Library


There are no direct train services to West Lavington or Littleton Panell - although there used to be!! The station was closed in the 1960s.

West Lavington Railway Station 1960

The surrounding stations are Pewsey, Chippenham, Swindon, Westbury, Trowbridge, Melksham, and Salisbury, all connecting London with the West Country. You can visit National Rail enquiries here.
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Parish Diary

Make sure you keep up to date with all the activities coming up in West Lavington.

See the Parish Diary for more information!