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From the Trenches
West Lavington Parish Council image Photograph courtesy Paul Rayner


Each month, an article will appear below that reflects on memories of that same month 100 years ago during the war. Each article will focus on the men that went to war from our local villages, and after four years Lyn Dyson will assemble all the articles into a book.

Visit the Download Library to see all of Lyn's articles.

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A Gallery of The Great War

A collection of photos taken during The Great War. With thanks to Lyn Dyson and Ros Hooper for sharing these precious studies.

Salisbury Plain St Joan a Gore Farmhouse 1917 showing Devonshire Regiment and Royal Artillery wishing them luck.

Salisbury Plain Australian troops coming along White Street.

Salisbury Plain Canadian troops in White Street.

Salisbury Plain Canadian Limbers in the yard at Lowlands Farm.

Salisbury Plain First tank through village in 1914-18 war.

Salisbury Plain Army Lorries at Lavington Station 1914-18.

Salisbury Plain Patriotic Christmas Card for 1915.
Salisbury Plain West Lavington Home Guard originally called the L.D.V. Local Defence Volunteers.

Salisbury Plain Guns going through Littleton Panell.