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A Gallery of Ages
West Lavington Parish Council Photograph courtesy Lyn Dyson and Ros Hooper

West Lavington over the centuries

A stunning collection of vintage photos of West Lavington taken over two centuries. With thanks to Lyn Dyson and Ros Hooper for sharing these precious studies.

Salisbury Plain Haymaking at Highlands Farm.

Salisbury Plain Sheepwash- below the lowest pool and waterfalls in the Warren.

Salisbury Plain Mead’s Carpenter shop at the bottom of Rickbarton.

Salisbury Plain White Street around 1910.

Salisbury Plain The Holliday’s cycle shop before 1915.

Salisbury Plain Churchill Arms with stagecoach.

Salisbury Plain Hay MakingStreet dancing by the Churchill, taken at the time of the Coronation.
Salisbury Plain The Garage with Harold Wadman and a Doubleday and Francis Van. Note the hand pumps!

Salisbury Plain Wheatsheaf before 1906 from a ‘coloured’ post card.

Salisbury Plain The Post Office at Littleton Panell

Salisbury Plain Middle of Littleton Panell, including on right gate into Sainsbury’s Yard.

Salisbury Plain Wadman’s shop with knife grinders equipment parked outside. 1939.

Salisbury Plain Littleton Panell High Street after the second world war, with Shore House.

Salisbury Plain Lavington Station before 1914-18 war. The Stationmaster was Mr Leonard who lived in Littleton Panell.

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